Benefits Of Having A Designated Driver

21 Mar

Drunk driving is not right at any given time.It is a crime in any country. Due to impaired vision and poor decision making accidents can be caused easily. We tend to have fun by taking some alcohol after a long week or day.But we have to be responsible enough to look for a designated Sonoma County professional wine tour driver who will drive us home or anywhere we want to go at that time. You can ask your friend to drive you.

You are able to have fun without having to worry about how to get home.It allows you to fulfill your primary goal of the night which is to have maximum fun.You take have as many wines as you possible can take.Having a designated driver will allow you to do that. You are at piece for you know you will not be in bad terms with a the authorities due to drunken driving.

You know that you are safe when on the road. Unlike driving when drunk you will be safe when the driver driving you is sober.  It ensures that you also protect other road users also.DUI is harmful not only to you but to others.studies show that most road accidents are caused by drunk driving. Accidents caused by drunk drivers consists of the highest percentage of road accidents.

Getting a DUI ticket is not pleasant. This can be an attraction of jail time. Instead of getting you locked up for some years because you could not resist driving when drunk is not worth it.  When drunk you can easily murder someone through driving which will attract some time being spent in prison.To avoid paying hefty fines it is just safe to get a designated driver to chauffeur you around when you drunk.

After partying make sure you have a designated driver at to take you home.The designated driver that you pick should be trustworthy. It is to safeguard you not to hire a criminal who will take advantage of your drunkenness.They should have all the proper documentation on driving.  Hiring  a minor to drive you is a crime.It is even more dangerous than DUI since you will be charged with child abuse. You can volunteer to be that sober driver for that night to ensure you are all safe. Enjoying the night with no designated driver can be the last night you have fun.It can end up badly with an accident that will kill you or cause you so much pain.

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